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For Racers

We exist for you. You are passionate about racing and so are we! Here at RaceToHelp we provide a platform for you to take your racing to a new level by making it count.

For Givers

We exist for you. It doesn’t matter how much you have, you love to give to others! The opportunities and projects that you can be a part of are endless.

For Partners

We exist for you. The work you do is amazing and we want to get the word out! Our number one goal is to provide what you need in order to keep helping real people in real places.

How it works

Pick your race

Whether you choose one of our hosted races, or any other race of your choice, that’s your race!

Find your cause

Visit our Partners Page, read up on all these amazing projects, and join in!

Run your race

Lace up your shoes and start training for your race and then go give it all you’ve got!

Fund your cause

As you are training and racing, get the word out and let the world know for whom you race.

Our passion

Aid the needy

Let’s be honest, we are rich.  Help us to give food, shelter, and clean water to those who don’t have.

Educate the poor

Good education is not possible for many, but we can change the world one student at a time.

Defend the weak

We take justice and freedom for granted.  Take a stand with us against slavery and oppression.

Help the hurting

We are all affected by cancer and other ailments.  Help fund the programs that seek cures.

Why choose us

You are passionate about racing

We know you are going to race.  It is who you are, part of your DNA.  Don’t lose that passion!

We are passionate about people

Whether orphans in India, bright young minds in Haiti, or our youth in Durham, we love people.

Our passions meet at RaceToHelp

For Racers, Givers, & Partners, all roads lead to RaceToHelp. Here, we put it all together.